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HMP Blakenhall houses some of the UK's toughest 'Lifers' and new faces have to earn their place amongst them. Fresh from the Block John Gambit is paired with Gunnar, the Wing's Daddy, so he can be shown the ropes.

And as it's Gunnar's Wing, it's Gunnar's rules.

Gambit realises that reputation counts for nothing, but is there more to him than meets the eye?

And why do they call him half-pint?

​Smashing the Ring

John Gambit is back! This time he's infiltrating a gang of cyber hackers and has to pass the Initiation - an hour-long ganging where anything goes - before meeting the top man.

He has to live up to his nickname of half-pint, and hopes that he has enough left to satisfy the ring's leader, Ducos.

Skin Deep

High in the Italian Alps the snow is stained with blood.

John Gambit's Interpol team have already lost one man as they try to close down an international fake identity clinic, so he decides to take matters into his own hands.

All he needs to do is gain access to the clinic's secure network, but first he has to by-pass the male nurse...

​Getting Wet

Three members of a top-flight pro swim team have died in mysterious circumstances, and a new type of steroid is thought to be responsible.

John Gambit goes undercover to find out the truth, and ends up getting more than he bargained for...

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​Going Down

Lying deep under the clear waters off Nassau a crashed plane holds a deadly cargo. John Gambit must find the drug lord responsible for introducing WW2 morphine onto the market, and stop him.

But out-gunned and out-numbered Gambit discovers that this might be his most dangerous mission yet.